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Industry: Fashion, Commerce
Project duties: Logo Design

Lady Bling Bling Logo Redesign

Nadine reached out to me about the redesign of her current logo for her online business. The current logo didn’t quite reflect the fashionable and classy nature of the products that she sells.

The logo needed to appeal to a feminine audience, show quality, and timeless appeal but still not go too far from the original because her brand was already well established.

It should also convey the same attention to detail as a woman does when she picks out her clothes and accessories.


After a long search for a logo designer, I came across Ivana´s portfolio. Her individually crafted typefaces and her creativity were appealing to me, because for my company I wanted an individual logo with focus on font and arrangement. The collaboration with her was really great and already the first designs met my ideas. Ivana is very friendly, professional and accurate and she has made all adjustments in a short time and according to my wishes. I´m 100% satisfied with the complete process and with the final result. It was a pleasure to work with Ivana and I can highly recommend her.

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