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Industry: Publishing
Project duties: Interior Design
Chapter Illustration
Art direction: Levi Welton

Interior design and typesetting of a memoir

Written by Rabbi Levi Welton, Be like the Moon memoir is an uplifting coming-of-age story of his life and his religious community, covering variety of subjects with a powerful lesson of heroism in each chapter.

Combining the name and the coming-of-age aspect, we used the phases of the moon to represent each chapter, slowly filling through the book until the full moon. The illustrations are done in a style that complements the style of the cover and the empty pages are decorated with a pattern inspired by synagogue decorations.

The biggest challenge for the typesetting was finding a good balance of the body and the footnotes to ensure a comfortable reading experience.

You can find the book in paperback and kindle editions here

Typesetting book interior
Book interior page spreads design
Book interior with chapter illustration spread
Ebook interior design
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