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Industry: Food and Beverage
Project duties: Logo Design and Branding,
Menu Design,
Flyer Design,
Art direction: Djurdjica Selec

Burnt Umber Branding

Burnt Umber Brasserie is a family-owned Brasserie and deli located in the heart of Hackney Wick in London.

They were just in the process of opening their business and needed a logo that would fit well in the community of Hackney Wick but also

  • show their values
  • their heritage of Kovacica (Vojvodina) famous for naive art
  • the quality of service and
  • the sense of community.

They were also planning to have a strong art community around the brasserie by showing artwork of local artists and have a designated space for a mural inside the brassiere that will be painted by different artists every year.

A huge thank you to for putting us together and most importantly her help and advice during the project without who this wouldn’t be possible. She is also the author of the first mural painted in the brassiere so if you are in the area make sure to check it out. In the meantime you can find her on IG


Le Punkt Noir & Ivana Maric helped our startup brasserie business get off the ground.  Ivana understood extremely well our business concept and produced an impressive, authentic branding package and at the same time affordable and invaluable.

She went above and beyond, completed all jobs in a short time, professionally, consistently, and with a touch of creativity.

We highly recommend Le Punkt Noir & Ivana Maric as Ivana will definitely build a strong branding to help your business stand out.

-Burnt Umber Brasserie
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