What is lettering and what it can do for your business

What does a lettering artist do

Most people have an easy time explaining what they do, like doctors for example. Their profession is so widely spread in the world that everyone knows what a doctor does. Lettering, however, is a term that has been gaining popularity in the recent years but it’s not yet so known that everyone understands it. It’s even challenging to explain it so it’s perfectly understandable that you find yourself here. 

Some questions I want to cover here are:

  • What is lettering?
  • How is lettering different from typography/fonts?
  • Where it can be used?
  • How can your business benefit from using lettering? 
What is lettering exactly?

In essence, lettering is design mixed with illustration but highly specialized to letters. The subjects are not people, buildings or landscapes, it’s sentences, words, and letters. Every letter is drawn by hand, either on paper or digitally, specifically to fit the needs of a project. Every layout is meticulously crafted so it’s balanced. Colors and illustrations are carefully chosen so every part of the lettering artwork works together as a whole. 

How is lettering different from typography/fonts?
What is lettering font vs lettering

Typography or using fonts in designs is a skill I really admire, but it’s missing something that lettering has. Lettering is imperfect to a degree and that gives it a certain character that fonts don’t usually have. There is quite a number of hand-written fonts nowadays that are not expensive, but in order for a font to be a good font, sacrifices have to be made. Every letter has to work well with every other letter in all combinations. That is why I would still argue that lettering carries more of that character because there are no such restrictions when creating a piece of lettering. 

Where can lettering be used?
Batshit Crazy Lettering T-Shirt
Booknerd lettering Art Licensing
The Little Prince Fan Art Book Cover Lettering Illustration

There is a very high probability you already saw a few pieces of lettering today. Maybe it was an ad in a magazine or writing on someone’s t-shirt, a logo on a sign you passed on your way to work or a book cover you have on your shelf. Lettering can be used for anything that includes words and that’s what makes it so fun and versatile. 

How can your business benefit from using lettering?
Quality Over Quantity Script Lettering

It’s very easy to start a business today, but standing out from the crowd is another matter entirely. Using lettering is one way of doing just that. Whether it’s a campaign for your new product or illustration for your blog post, you can differentiate yourself from the sea of impersonal stock images by having a completely custom created artwork that will spark attention with your audience. 

I hope this helped you better understand what lettering can do for your business and I do hope you will consider hiring a lettering artist for your next project! If you have any questions feel free to email me at ivana.maric@lepunktnoir.studio  

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