How to draw better letters by using optical corrections

How to draw better letters by using optical corrections
When I first started vectorizing my lettering with the pen tool, I had issues with drawing good letters. I knew how to use the pen tool, I knew where to place my points, but my letters would still look a little off and because vectors are so clean, that little "off" part really stand...

How to Improve your Lettering Practice

We all heard the „Just keep working at it and you’ll get there“ advice many times, and we furiously work on our skills and try to „put in the time“ to get better. That tactic works…for a while. And then it suddenly stops. You are stuck at a level that you can’t seem to...

Brush Calligraphy Practice Sheet Freebie

Brush Calligraphy Worksheet Title
Improve your calligraphy skills on an iPad with this free procreate worksheet! I'm giving away a set of full lowercase and uppercase letters with flourished versions. The worksheet is created in Procreate App on the iPad Pro. You will receive a Procreate file that you can load directly into Procreate. By turning the layers on...
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