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  • Vector files, as opposed to raster/image files, are infinitely scalable graphics with sharp and clean quality. When images are scaled they lose their quality but that is not the case with vector graphics. There are some limitations to vectors in terms of raster textures and effects, but they can always be combined with them if needed. Vectors are a great choice for printing or web use. 

  • At the end of the project, you will receive image files in .png and .jpg formats and vector files in .pdf .svg and .eps formats so you are covered in the event of web and print use. 

  • It depends on what we agreed on at the start of the process but in most cases, you can’t make any changes to the work. I want to make sure that you are always in possession of high-quality files so if you need any changes done after the final files are delivered feel free to reach out. 

  • With the final files, you will receive a document outlining the use of each format so you can always reference it if needed, or you are unsure. 


  • Most of my services are charged as a flat fee, but if you need something done that doesn’t fall under my usual services or there is information missing but the project needs to start anyway I might offer you an hourly pricing model. 

  • There is so much that can vary between projects so it’s hard to say an exact number for any possibility. That is why my quotes are all free and you don’t have any obligations after you receive a quote. 

  • Not at the moment but that might change in the future. 

  • At the end of the project, you will receive an invoice from me that you can use to pay either directly to my bank account or via PayPal.  

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