Basic Pen Tool Point Placement Worksheet For Lettering

Learn to use the pen tool to vectorize your lettering! I know the pen tool might seem intimidating to learn at first but it is definitely one of the most powerful tools at your disposal as a letterer. This worksheet is designed to show you where to best put the anchor points while vectorizing your...

Learn Lettering Yourself • Curriculum

There are so many great resources about learning lettering out there but where do you even start? What should you learn and when? This is especially tough when you still don’t have a lot of money to invest in your craft. This curriculum is designed to help you find your way in this vast world...

Monstera Deliciosa Font Duo

Monstera Deliciosa Brush Font
Meet Monstera Deliciosa Font Duo! A brush script with attitude and accompanying sans serif face perfect for creating logos and brands. Included is a bonus pre-made brand kit too which you can use however you like   Monstera Deliciosa is multilingual with 361 glyphs in script version (some of which are unique and super fun ligatures)...
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