Procreate Lettering Starter Pack
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Inside this huge pack, you will find all you need to start lettering in Procreate. Packed inside are 35 brushes, 10 part workbook, 28 textures, 30 lettering prompts, 5 images that you can use to letter over and 2 color palettes.

To help you get started I included help videos on how to install the brushes, load the workbook and how to use and navigate through the workbook.

Procreate Starter Pack Brushes
Procreate Starter Pack Workbook_1

The workbook will keep you busy for weeks. It's packed with lessons, practice sheets and how-to's that will help you get started with lettering in general as well as lettering digitally. The entire workbook is created using resources included in this pack (with the exception of a few screenshots).

  • Part 1 Introduction - Interface, Terms, and Anatomy
  • Part 2 Practice Strokes - Monoline Strokes to get you used to Screen Writing
  • Part 3 Practice variable strokes - Drills and Brush Lettered Alphabet (Upper and Lowercase)
  • Part 4 Drawing block letters - Drawing Uppercase Serif Alphabet
  • Part 5 Embellishments - Flourishes, Inlays, Shadows and Textures
  • Part 6 Lettering Layouts - One, Two, Three and more words layout + Process from sketching to finalizing the layout
  • Part 7 Colour - Color theory, Harmony, and Terms
  • Part 8 Sample Projects - 3 Sample Projects with all the layers visible so you can see how the pieces are created
  • Part 9 Print - Preparing your Artwork for Print
  • Part 10 Where to next - 30 Lettering Prompts, where to find Inspiration and Conclusion
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Procreate Starter Pack Watercolor Cassiopeia
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